Wednesday, June 30, 2010

6/18/10 Big eye tuna and Mahi Mahi

We checked an offshore buoy, 28 miles out. Not really a place that gets visited to often so we thought it was a god gamble. Reaching the buoy around 11:00 a.m. signs were showing. Good size explosions, and marks on the fish finder told us tuna were abound. We rigged up a live bait and began to make crew man Josh, work for his money today. Anglers, Laura & Aaron got there fair share of reel time, loving the non stop action. We caught about ten, 30-40# big eye tuna, and a couple mahi mahi!

Not a bad day!

Aloha, Capt. Teddy Hoogs

6/17/10 Back in action

We started off looking offshore for the tuna school, we found them but they weren't coming together. We opted to get our family some action on the grounds with some skipjack tuna. The ledge was alive with bait, and our guests wore there arms out catching them. After letting everyone catch a fish, we all decided to try our luck after something bigger. Josh rigged one of the skipjack up and it didn't take long to get a bite. A good size mahi mahi jumped on, but we couldn't get a hook in it. Shortly after, we got another bite on our live bait, this time it was a marlin. We successfully tagged a 150# blue marlin for our junior angler.
Dad was next. The bite was on, as soon as we tossed another live bait in, it was eaten! Another blue marlin about 200#s, we fought it near the boat for some good photo's and pulled hook almost to leader.
Slow day turned into a great day, all from being at the right place for the tide change.

Aloha, Capt. Teddy Hoogs

Monday, June 14, 2010

6/7/10-6/15/10 Dry dock update

Scheduled dry dock for Kila Kila this year, Josh and I have been putting in some hours this week. Were getting a lot done and the boat is looking great, just in time for summer.
Here's the list of projects we have completed or are in the process of completing:

~Sprayed new non skid for walk way on fore deck
~Refinished teak deck, epoxied, re-caulk, and finish sand
~Aft rail along water line, repainted
~Deck hatches repainted
~Live well, minor fiberglass work and repainted
~Transom sprayed with high gloss clear Emron paint
~Green stick mounted on tower
~New temp and speed gauge for Furuno sounder
~New set of propellers

Aloha, Capt. Teddy Hoogs

Sunday, June 13, 2010

6/4/10 Ono & Mahi

Today we went looking for the North tuna school, we found them but they didn't look to hot. I decided to look for greener pastures. While searching we hooked into a 15# ono and a 15# mahi mahi. We saw another unusual sight not see to often, a pair of swordfish sunning themselves on the surface. Always an impressive sight!

Aloha, Capt. Teddy Hoogs

Saturday, June 5, 2010

6/2/10 Summers here!

Today we took a 1/2 day group charter from the cruise ship. We left around 8:30 a.m. and went south. Fishing still hit or miss, we would be happy to see anything in our 4 hour tour. Around 9:30 we picked up a spearfish, lady angler from Oklahoma, first fish and she was ecstatic! We hooked another spearfish shortly after and released it after a few photos. The day couldn't get any better in my mind, considering the action that's been around. But in Kona, there's one thing we all know, it's that you never know!
A few minutes before pulling the lines in right in-front of the harbor, a nice size blue crashes the short rigger. Awesome bite, but the fish shakes free after a quick run. Josh winds the lure back up to position, hoping it never got stunned by the hook. Eyes peeled on the lures, up it comes on the long corner. One quick lunge and it was on! After a 20 minute fight and a spectacular show for all to see, leader was within grasp. Josh did a great job and we had it subdued. The great fish topped the scales at 692 lbs. First time angler had an absolute blast, he decided to get a head mount of his trophy of a lifetime.

Aloha, Capt. Teddy Hoogs

5/31/10 Kukio crew

One of Kukio's long time employee's, was moving back to South Carolina. And as a farewell, Kukio set him, his girlfriend and some co-workers up with a days fishing with us. Beautiful calm, Kona day, fishing was decent. We caught a short-nose spearfish and an ono, within 20 minutes of eachother, right around the moon set. Plenty of action for the crew, and lots of good eating fish for the grill.

Aloha, Capt. Teddy Hoogs

5/22/10 Richard Dewitt

Long time client Richard Dewitt visited us again, looking for a little R&R time with son and close friend. We opted to troll for only and get some action first, then try our luck for something bigger offshore. Didn't take long to hear a reel scream, we picked up a double, both nice size Ono. We switched over and put the offshore spread out and hoped for the best. Fishing was slow for the elusive blue marlin, but we managed to tag a 30# short-nose spearfish.

Great day on the water, and nice to catch up with an old friend.

Aloha, Capt. Teddy Hoogs