Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Scotts! Action wrap up from two weeks of fishing 7/8/10-to-7/21/10

John and Chris Gamrot, father and son fishing enthutisaest, joined up yet another season. This year they booked us for two weeks and two tournaments.
The action started the first day they fished with us, catching two big yellow-fin tuna and missing another. The first tournament (Skins Marlin Derby), produced slow marlin fishing for the fleet. We didn't have any action from a blue marlin but we picked up a short-nose spearfish on day three of the tournament.
The day after the tournament, since marlin fishing was slow, we decided to go for the Ahi to the north. The direction change paid off giving us the best action we have seen in months. We released a 175# blue and went 4 out of 9 hook ups from big Ahi. From about 10:00 am-to-2:00 pm the bite was on.
That day set our luck to change, giving us a great week of fishing, leading up to the next tournament. Maui Jim Series Championship, to crown the top boat of the 2009 season. The top 10 highest scoring boats from last season battle it out to name the champion boat and angler. This weekend we shined, pulling in a 164 lb. Ahi, and boating the winning fish, a 511 pound blue marlin! Our great fish on the third day secured our win as champion boat. We got some great pictures of the winning fish, along with video which will be posted shortly.

The tally for the remainder of their trip: 3 blue marlin (2 released and one captured, 511 lbs.) 4 shortnose spearfish released (25-40 lbs.), 4 Ono (20-32 lbs.), 2 Mahi Mahi (15-35 lbs.), and 8 Ahi (100-164 lbs.).

"The Scotts" are already planning next year!

Aloha, Capt. Teddy Hoogs

Photos provided by 2nd crewman KJ Robinson, & Carol Lynn shot from Marlin Magic II

Bo Williams 7/6/10

Bo and his wife traveled all the way from North Carolina to fish with a hand full of top captains in the harbor.
We set out to F buoy, knowing bait and small tuna have been hanging around, we picked up a 40# Big eye tuna on the troll near the buoy. We tried live baiting around the buoy for a bit, no luck, then set out trolling again. We didn't have any other action, Bo knows what fishing can be like and was very understanding. He enjoyed the day none the less picking up little tricks of the trade he can take back to his boat he runs in NC.

Aloha, Capt. Teddy Hoogs

Steven Seger marlin wish 7/1/10

Steven and his wife came back to Kona in hopes of catching Steven his first blue marlin. They chartered my father last year on the "Pamela" with another couple, they had some great action, releasing a couple striped marlin and breaking line on a Grander. But Steven, being so Kind let the other couple get all the action. This year it was his turn...

The morning was very slow for everybody, but we didn't give up, we stuck to working the good marlin grounds. Our hard work paid off, just after lunch, when a wave of white water engulfed the short bait, and Steve was looking at his first blue marlin. The fish gave us a great show, and a good fight. We got it up to the boat for some pictures and released it in fine shape to fight another day.

Aloha, Capt. Teddy Hoogs

Family Fun 3/4 day 6/30/10

A family of 5 chartered the Kila Kila for a 3/4 day, they were looking to have a good time. We trolled ono lane along the shore in hopes of catching a wahoo for the table. This morning turned out to be slow, so plan B came into play and we set our course for F buoy, 10 miles offshore.
Along the way we set our pattern of lures out just in case we ran over something big. Dad's wish almost came true, when a blue about 400 blew up on the long corner! A short zip from the reel and it was gone unfortunately.
Fifteen minutes later we arrived at F buoy and it was game on for the whole family. Hook up after hook up from small skip jack and big eye tuna. The action wore there little arms out and it was time to call it a day.

Aloha, Capt. Teddy Hoogs

Friday, July 23, 2010

Timmerman Family 1/2/ day 6/29/10

Timmerman's, guests of our owner, joined us on a half day trip. Beautiful morning off the coast, and luck came our way first thing. Young angler got a chance at his first blue, and did it in fine form releasing an estimated at 180 lb blue marlin. Dreams came true for this little guy, safe to say he's hook on fishing for life. After our blue, we switched over for Ono along the shoreline for the rest of the morning. No luck, but a fun day none the less.

Aloha, Capt. Teddy Hoogs

1st Place Winning Team (Kona Classic Tournament) 6/26/10 -to- 6/27/10

56 boats blasted off at the starting line this weekend, all hoping luck would go there way. Marlin Magic released the only blue on day one, leaving options to win wide open. Going into Sunday, everyone one was optimistic, fishing was extremely slow, with no paticular area better then the next. I opted to fish close to home, figuring its as good a spot as any.

After the first round up in the morning, a nice mark appeared on the recorder. It didn't take long before the fish was spotted under the long corner. A couple looks at the black lunger and it switched to the short-rigger wasting no time to eat it.

The battle began, and our adrenaline flowed, knowing we had the winning marlin on! Twenty minutes later we had the fish secured along side. We hung on for the remaining hours ahead waiting for somebody to hook up and knock us out of position. But, luck was in our favor, our blue gave us the title of first place weighing in at 473.5 lbs.

Lucky first time angler and tournament team were ecstatic, catching a fish of a life time and having memories to smile about for years to come.

Aloha, Capt. Teddy Hoogs

Honeymooners Mixed bag 6/23/10

We started off the morning looking offshore for the north tuna school. In the search, we released a small blue, giving us a good start to the day. We found ourselves pretty far offshore making the quest to find more fish bring us to a buoy 28 miles offshore. The choice turned out to be a good move, the buoy offered a bunch of life, getting us action from a variety of pelagics. We caught a 25# Ono, three Mahi Mahi, and a couple 30-40# tuna, not to mention a few sharks!

Our newly married honeymooners fulfilled there expectations and more big game fishing with us.

Aloha, Capt. Teddy Hoogs

Rock-n-Reel Tournament 6/19/10-to-6/20/10

First tournament of the season started off well. We released a small blue a few hours into the day to put us on the leader board. Fishing was slow, our release was one of two for the day, along with a 300 pounder weighed from the whole fleet. Second day we caught a 176 pound Ahi to give us a total of 630 points, good enough to secure 3rd place.

Not a bad start to the season.

Aloha, Capt. Teddy Hoogs