Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fishing with Gary & Ellie Speirs 3/31/09

The day started by leaving Honokohau harbor at 6:00 a.m., with long time clients and family friends, Gary & Ellie Speirs.  
We took a right turn, heading North shortly after leaving the harbor in hopes of finding a porpoise school, which have been holding big Yellow-fin Tuna (Ahi) the last couple weeks.  After an hour search of scanning the horizon we spotted the tell tale sign with a couple splashes from playful spotted dolphins.  The porpoise school looked good, with signs of tuna below, and as soon as we got the lures near the school we got bit on the stinger position.  
After a 15 minute fight Gary brought a beautiful 130# tuna to gaff.  
We quickly got back up to trolling speed and put our spread of lures back out to their positions.  Just in time to get one more pass in front of the feeding tuna school while two other charter boats were closing in.  The long rigger, and short corner positions went off simultaneously, both screaming out line from our Shimano reels.  This time Gary, and Ellie were hooked up on a double, Gary in the chair and Ellie fighting her fish from the rod holder.  After 20 minutes we managed to get both 100 + trophy size tuna on board.  The school shut off, when four other commercial and charter boats arrived on the scene.  
We waited patiently all day trolling the school while other boats tried various techniques to get the Ahi to bite, with no one hooking up, we knew everyone had to leave before we would have another chance.  
Sure enough, everyone left by 2:00 p.m., the school came together and we saw another opportunity.  We switched technique's, and traded out five lures for our green stick rig.  Five minutes later the tuna where fighting over who could catch the dancing squids first.  With about 3 misses from big tuna the forth explosion grabbed our third squid in line to top off our already great day of fishing, with our forth tuna of the day!
After an hour run home we came to the weigh station to get the official weights and take a few pictures of Gary & and Ellie's best day of Ahi fishing with us.  The weights were 140, 136, 122, and 96.   

Aloha, Capt. Teddy Hoogs  

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