Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hawaiian International BIllfish Tournament 7/19/09-7/24/09

First day of the billfish we tied for the lead tagging two blues out of 3 bites. Second day we had two blues on, but couldn't keep a hook in em. Third day we didn't have any strikes, but were right in the middle of allot of action. Forth day still pretty slow for us, we got a strike out of one late in the afternoon. Fifth day I decided to change tactics and go the opisite way I was fishing and it worked out. We tagged a 200# blue and had another one two leader but it shook off before we got a tag in it.
The three blues we tagged gave us 900 points, we were in the hunt to place in the tournament only if we had a little more luck. Thats fishing, fun week of fishing with some great teams from around the world, look forward to next year.

Aloha, Capt. Teddy Hoogs

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