Sunday, October 11, 2009

McLoed Family outing. 7/28/09

Mike Mcloed enjoyed the other day so much with his son and brother in-law, he wanted to show his wife and daughter how much fun they really were having in Kona. We mixed it up a little with the wife on board giving them a little snorkel in Kealakekua bay before targeting the blue marlin action.
After the swim we quickly set the lures out for the morning tide change in hopes to see one. We had the lures in just a few minutes when the short bait starting peeling out line. All we saw was a hole in the water where the lure used to be and a decent size shape. It quickly pulled hook before we really got to see it. I estimated it to be around 500 pounds. We were all wishing we got to see more of it when it came up for another look at the short rigger. Now I got to see it pretty well and it looked every bit of 800 pounds. It just knocked the lure out of the rigger and that was the end of her. I made a circle around in hopes to raise it again but this time the male beat her to it. The average size blue put on a great show for the family, but we would of liked to get the bigger one.
We worked that same area awhile with no more luck and decided to venture to the North grounds where I heard of good reports from my Father on the "Pamela". We ran up to the area he was fishing a saw some pretty good action almost immediately, catching 1 from about 5 bites in a couple hours. The fish were eating a little funny to get good hook ups but lots of fun to see great action.
Another good day fishing for the Mcloed's, good enough Mikes son Andrew wanted to fish one more day before they left.

Aloha, Capt. Teddy Hoogs

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