Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Scotts! Action wrap up from two weeks of fishing 7/8/10-to-7/21/10

John and Chris Gamrot, father and son fishing enthutisaest, joined up yet another season. This year they booked us for two weeks and two tournaments.
The action started the first day they fished with us, catching two big yellow-fin tuna and missing another. The first tournament (Skins Marlin Derby), produced slow marlin fishing for the fleet. We didn't have any action from a blue marlin but we picked up a short-nose spearfish on day three of the tournament.
The day after the tournament, since marlin fishing was slow, we decided to go for the Ahi to the north. The direction change paid off giving us the best action we have seen in months. We released a 175# blue and went 4 out of 9 hook ups from big Ahi. From about 10:00 am-to-2:00 pm the bite was on.
That day set our luck to change, giving us a great week of fishing, leading up to the next tournament. Maui Jim Series Championship, to crown the top boat of the 2009 season. The top 10 highest scoring boats from last season battle it out to name the champion boat and angler. This weekend we shined, pulling in a 164 lb. Ahi, and boating the winning fish, a 511 pound blue marlin! Our great fish on the third day secured our win as champion boat. We got some great pictures of the winning fish, along with video which will be posted shortly.

The tally for the remainder of their trip: 3 blue marlin (2 released and one captured, 511 lbs.) 4 shortnose spearfish released (25-40 lbs.), 4 Ono (20-32 lbs.), 2 Mahi Mahi (15-35 lbs.), and 8 Ahi (100-164 lbs.).

"The Scotts" are already planning next year!

Aloha, Capt. Teddy Hoogs

Photos provided by 2nd crewman KJ Robinson, & Carol Lynn shot from Marlin Magic II

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