Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Been awhile...

For all you loyal followers and new visitors to Bwana sportfishing blog, I apologize for the lack of updating our blog with new adventures. A series of events had me pretty busy, now were just starting to settle back into all the new things in my life!

Back in June 2011 there was a lot of talk of our old boat Kila Kila coming back to Kona, also word of a new opportunity in the harbor and a captains position. I was fortunate enough to have the best of both worlds, still having access to the boat I fished and loved for a few years, Kila Kila, and I got the new captains position running a 2008 46' Gamefisherman, now named Bwana.

For a few months it was go go go, with the shipping of the new boat, relocation of Kila Kila from Oahu to Kona, and summer tournament season my crew Joe Thrasher and I were flat out.

Also to add to the new events, on January 22nd, 2012 my wife and I had our first child, Lillian Lehua Hoogs! We feel very fortunate with life's blessings and are very excited for the present and future.

We are still accepting bookings for sportfishing charters, now aboard Bwana. Fishing has been pretty good this year so far with two grander blue marlin already weighed and lots of winter time action, stripe marlin, ahi, mahi mahi and a few blues around.

We still have a couple tournaments this summer open, and blocks of time that should produce good fishing this year. Please check out our calender on our website www.teddyhoogs.com to check availability.

Look forward to reconnecting with my past clients and fishing with new ones, aboard the new operation!

Aloha, Capt. Teddy Hoogs

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