Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Start of summer...

My crew and I have had some decent fishing aboard Bwana the past couple weeks.  Fishing in a whole has been pretty quiet for most but a few of us have been seeing some big fish and a couple days where we stumble across the action.

We had a catch of a lifetime on 6/21/12, releasing a estimated 900 + lb blue marlin on 50# test tackle!  We got some great pictures and go-pro footage of the capture which I will be posted video on my youtube page soon.

A week or so later we lost another slob for the boss that I called over a 1000 pounds on the bite, it took a couple hundred yards out on us then pulled hook when she made her first jump!

The fleet has been seeing some good ones too, 974 lb blue was weighed last week, a couple 800 + marlin lost and a handful of 500-700 released.

Our first wave of summer fish haven't shown up yet, it could be any day now when the numbers start coming thru.  Were just now seeing some debris floating close to the island with mahi mahi and ono, which is a good sign that the right current is hitting us.  Plenty of big ahi around as well, makings of a good summer when everything comes together!

Still have some time available so please inquire about your next fishing trip with us aboard Bwana!

Aloha, Capt. Teddy Hoogs


  1. awww the actual marlin in action picture is definitely awesome. Hope we can also see the same thing when we try the Gamefishing Vanuatu next month.

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