Monday, November 23, 2009

Katchman Brothers (11/20/09)

The Katchman brothers decided to charter us after meeting me at the harbor near our slip. They struck up a conversation with me as I was going home from a day of maintenance on the boat. After talking with me about the fishing and my experience they quickly entertained the idea of chartering the KILA KILA.
They picked today, with my advice we decided to try our luck in the afternoon rather then the morning. The tides and moon seamed to look better towards the afternoon. They met my crew Nate and I at the boat at 11:00 a.m. After an introduction to the boat, we started our way to the fishing grounds. I headed north with a plan to go after something big the first half of the afternoon, then try our luck for wahoo and mahi mahi along the shoreline.
Our plan payed off the first hour, hooking a blue marlin, total surprise for us all this time of the year. After a great fight, lots of jumps near the boat and some tricky maneuvering by the KILA KILA, we estimated the marlin at 250-275 pounds and let it go. That fish made the two brothers trip to Hawaii unforgettable, but the day's not over. After trolling around a couple more hours with no luck we switched tactics and went after something smaller near shore. Nate rigged up some ballyhoo for a slow troll after mahi mahi. Not long after we switched over we had a triple from three big mahi mahi. One mahi mahi fell off right away but two of them stuck. They weighed in at 38 and 39 pounds, trophy size mahi mahi, well above average size. We missed one more on a bait after those two fish, great afternoon of fishing.

Aloha, Capt. Teddy Hoogs

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  1. I thought my nephews (Scotty & Steve) were really shoveling the fish stories to me until I saw these pictures. Should have known they wouldn't pull my leg like that--Great job Kila Kila & guest swabbies- no scuttlebut here.