Monday, March 22, 2010

John Piazza 3/6/10

Mr. Piazza booked us for a full day during a work related stop in Honolulu. John fished in Kona many years ago (I believe in the 70's) with Captain Freddy Rice, aboard the "Ihu Nui". John chartered Freddy for a half a day, and came back to the docks with a catch of a lifetime! They had a double strike shortly after putting the lines in the water and stayed connected to a mammoth size marlin. His giant blue marlin tipped the scales over the 1,000 pound mark.

Learning this information after putting the lures out got Josh and I excited, with the excitement came the pressure to top that catch. Fishing still slow, we hoped to get John into some sort of action. Trolling south near C buoy we had something grab the long rigger. Peeling out line it seemed to have some weight to it. Our angler got hooked up in the chair only to pull the hooks out shortly there after.
We came to UU buoy, bait was holding and conditions looked good to live bait, no big fish though. A little offshore we spotted a porpoise school and decided to take a look since we had some live baits. The school didn't look so hot early, but right when we were about to leave, it came together. We marked a few fish and put our green stick rig out in hopes that would entice them to bite. Couple hours later, no bites, and it was time to start back home.

No grander for us but we had fun trying.

Aloha, Capt. Teddy Hoogs

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