Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Keith & Sarah's fishing trip 2/24/10

Unbelievable fishing, Keith & Sarah surprised us with fortunate luck! Keith called me earlier in the week, Kila Kila was his top pick, "we came highly recommended", he said. After talking, he decided to book a full day. I told him, expect a good time, and hope we get lucky. Fishing's hit or miss this time of the year, but everyday is a new day, "you never know" (Kona fisherman's favorite saying)!
With Keith and Sarah's happy go lucky attitude we set out, not knowing what the day had in store. Traveling down the coast south, we missed a Spearfish, a quick zip of line off the reel and it was free. Half hour later, a big hole appeared behind the center rigger, and a Blue engulfed the 8 inch lure. Great show, lots of jumps, tuff fight, and the 300 pound blue was released in healthy shape.
"We'll, that was unexpected", I said, that fish just made the day! It's only 9:00 a.m., pressures off, and we still have the rest of the day. Few hours passed, couple fish marked on the sounder, and another hook up. This time we caught that Spearfish we lost earlier, 25 pounder. We spent some time pounding the area of our action, no luck. I started to go North, heading back to the port, still very happy with our results.
On the way back, around 2:30 p.m. a few boats were working a school of dolphin, usually a sign of feeding yellow-fin tuna. We swung through to have a look, the dolphin were charging and signs were good to stick around. Marking 3 to 6 Ahi at a time, we knew we could get bit any second! Center rigger started screaming out line, we just hooked one! Keith angled his biggest Ahi, 155 lbs. Josh cleaned the deck just in time to put the lures back in the water after catching up to the school. We proceeded to go 3 for 8 in the school the rest of the afternoon.
Great day fishing by anyone's standards, even if it is the off season!

Aloha, Capt. Teddy Hoogs

Some kind words from Keith & Sarah...

Aloha Teddy and Josh!!! Just wanted to shoot you guys an email and thank you sooo much for a wonderful fishing trip!! We had the time of our lives fishing with you guys. That day will be a memory we take to our graves. Even in the "off" season of February, you guys worked hard and landed us a perfect day fishing. Whether it be luck, skill, or both, we definitely appreciate the awesome day. Who would have guessed in February we could have released a 300 pound marlin, caught a spearfish and three big Ahi (155#, 115#, 100#).... Someone forgot to tell the fish it was the off season. I truly hope you guys enjoyed the day HALF as much as Sarah and I did. Not only did you guys manage to put us on the fish, but when we realized the potential, you guys stayed out wayyyy late, keeping the good time rolling.
The effort and hospitality you guys bestowed upon us was truly amazing!! You guys have friends for life, and if you need anything, just let us know. We loved the Kila Kila, you have something to be proud of in her.
Keep up the good work and good luck in the tournaments.

Keith & Sarah Gann
Nashville, Tennessee

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