Monday, March 22, 2010

Kukio Crew 3/8/10

Today, we took out some employees that work up at Kukio, a first class, private getaway north of the airport. We have developed a great working relationship with Kukio, and show our appreciation by getting them out fishing. We had six guys which included the GM, two golf pros, a golf super intendant, food and beverage manager, and chef.
Heading out for a half day, we missed a short-nose spearfish first thing in the morning. Everyone had a good look at the fish as it was after one of our lures. We found a porpoise school which didn't look good enough to hang around. Fishing again was very slow for most of the fleet, I only heard of one blue caught today.
The crew was having fun relaxing on the water, fishing, enjoying their day off. One of the guys named Brendt, had a big night before the trip and slept most of the day. The rest of the gang, all in fun, wanted to pull a fast one on him towards the end of the trip; Josh and I said we would kindly assist.
Just about ready to pull the lines in and Brendt was still sound asleep on the bridge. Josh hooked up our bucket to one of the reels and all of us started screaming, "FISH ON!" He awoke to pure mayhem, not knowing what was going on. The nice guys we are, we quickly informed him we had a fish on, and it was his turn in the chair. He rushed down the ladder, hopped in the chair, blood pumping and loving every second of it! Brendt had some work left as the bucket boogied early in the fight ripping 150 yards out on us! Once our proud angler reeled about half the line in we were faced with a new problem. The bucket kept coming within view on the surface. To keep him from seeing the bucket, we would yell, "Keep your head down, Reel!" That took care of most of the fight until it got really close. I did my part, with some tricky manuvering of the Kila Kila, to keep the bucket out of sight, trying not to spoil the surprise. Josh got leader and Brendt waited in anticipation.... His big catch came over the rail only to see it was a bucket full of water! :)
Brendt was a great sport about it, and that topped the day off for everyone. I heard his pictures are circulating around Kukio as we speak!

Aloha, Capt. Teddy Hoogs

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